Skim Fin Set (Chopstix + Dim Sum) - B&W Spiral
Skim Fin Set (Chopstix + Dim Sum) - B&W Spiral
Skim Fin Set (Chopstix + Dim Sum) - B&W Spiral

Skim Fin Set (Chopstix + Dim Sum) - B&W Spiral

Screw Base - 3 Fins - Size: 1.0'' / 1.5''
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Fin 1.0'' 1.0'' 1.5'' 1.5''
Size Chopstix
Dim Sum Chopstix Dim Sum
Base Type Screw Base
Screw Base Screw Base Screw Base


1.0" (25 mm)

1.0" (25 mm) 1.5" (38 mm) 1.5" (38 mm)


8.5" (217 mm)

4.0" (102 mm)

7.25'' (186 mm)

4.65" (118 mm)
Foil Flat Flat Flat Flat
ZGLASS Composite Construction Nylon/Glass fibre composite Nylon/Glass fibre composite Nylon/Glass fibre composite Nylon/Glass fibre composite


Experience the performance of our Patent Pending Chopstix and Dim Sum Skim Fin Sets. 3DFins has solved the issue of your screw-in fins stripping out from over tightening. We have moulded a metal sleeve into the fin. Combine that with our dimple technology, you have a skim fin that provides some grip, that’s fast. Available in two length and heights.

  • These fins give the extra stability you want in your turns, but still give you a quick release off the wake.
  • Dimple Technology, like on a golf ball, these dimpled fins reduce drag by up to 15%. Less drag on your wake surf fins will give you more speed, control and stability in you turns. This will keep you in the wake’s sweet spot longer, extending your rides.
  • Eco friendly sustainable packaging is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with low production waste. 

Package includes:

  • 1 x long fin
  • 2 x short fins
  • 3DFINS key & screws
  • 1 x 3DFINS awesome sticker

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    Surfboard fins feature the 3D Dimple Technology™: surface reduces drag and it improves lift. This scientific innovation allows surfers to ride with better control, and with MORE SPEED MORE DRIVE™.

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    Less Drag & More Control

    Featuring patented Dimple Technology that is proven to reduce drag by up to 15%, GOHARD series WAKE fins are the fastest wake surfing and wakeboarding fins available. Maintaining your speed in turns, keeps you in the boat’s wake longer, extending your ride and making them much more enjoyable.

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    All fins are delivered with our 100% eco-friendly packaging. Save the beach. Save the planet!