Founded with Art and Innovation

Long before he moved to Australia’s Gold Coast, Courtney Potter always had his mind set on designing top of the line surfboard fins, that would rip through waves with MORE SPEED and MORE DRIVE. As a dedicated surfer, artist and a former toy designer, he was able to think from various perspectives and reflect on his past experiences to aid his creation of cutting-edge surfboard fin designs. Born from many late nights and early starts in his Western Australia shed, 3DFINS was launched and now is internationally recognized as a premium surfboard fin manufacturer. 

Don't let your fins hold you back

Featuring Dimple Technology™

3DFINS point of difference is the use of patented Dimple Technology™.

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3DFINS Patented Dimple Technology™ for surf fins was derived from the same dimples that are on golf balls. Based on aerodynamics, a dimpled surface reduces drag and it improves lift. Courtney has successfully proven that incorporating this technology to his fin designs, allows surfers to ride waves with more control, more speed and more drive. Genius!

Australia’s Gold Coast has proven to be a prime location for research, development and testing our latest designs and innovation in surfboard fins. Courtney often experiments with various materials to create a more unique and durable composition for his prototypes. His motivation has always been to produce surf fins that are more durable, safer and ethnically and sustainably manufactured. Most importantly, his prototypes are trialled and tested by a team of exceptional riders in all kinds of conditions; from 1 foot beach breaks to 40 foot beasts and monster slabs.

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