Soft and Safe


Surfboards are amazing objects of design and beauty, that blend the emotional need to ride a wave with the rationale behind hydrodynamics. However, they can also be dangerous weapons that can hit the most sensitive parts of the body, causing lethal and irreversible damage.

40% of all surfboard related injuries are caused by surf fins. 

That's why we designed and created a much safer surf fin! Our original PRO-SOFT Series. This fin was special designed not compromise performance like other soft fins. It is has a stiff inner core and a soft edging / skin that is designed to keep you and your fellow surfers safe when surfing. Perfect for the groom who’s catching their first wave.

3DFINS PRO-SOFT Series are wrapped by thermoplastic vulcanizates which are high-performance elastomers and offering manufacturing flexibility, ease of processing and durability. Without sharp edges, surfboard fins tend to lose almost all of its speed, drive and power. However, with our patented Dimple Technology™, performance is not compromised like with other soft safety fins.  

The PRO-SOFT series is the Good Design Australian Award Winner 2020.

Reduce the chance of serious injuries with 3DFINS PRO-SOFT Series fins.

Don’t Let Your Fins Hold You Back!!