Have SurfBoard; Will Travel.

Ready to go on an epic surf trip? Maybe start preparing now. 

As borders start to open and countries start to relax their quarantine protocols, it won’t be long before we’ll all be free to travel to our favorite surf destinations and start catching some amazing waves again. For now, we must be content with our local waves and start planning our oversea surf trips that we’ll soon be taking, as the coast is clear (pun unintended). 

Make a List of the Things You Need on a Surfing Trip.

What should you bring on your next surf trip? While most surfers don’t travel far and tend to stay close to home to ride the waves, there are quite a few who will brave the fatigue of long-haul travel to ride the best waves across the globe. What do they have in their traveling bags? The answer is simple.

Alex Perez, San Diego, US | Unsplash.com

Pack For Surfing And Where You’re Going

A key rule when packing for a surf trip is packing two bags; one with your gear for surfing and the second with the items you’ll need to enjoy the destination. 

Your “surf pack” should carry everything you need for the surf spot you’re visiting. You may even need to take a few extra items that you wouldn’t normally bring, like a wetsuit for colder waters, or a surf helmet and reef boots, if it’s a reef break you will be surfing. While your “travel pack” would have your clothes and personal essentials for everyday living. By dividing your packing into surf and travel bags should help you itemize what you need and help you not to forget anything.

Neil Parker, Dawlish Warren, UK | Unsplash.com

Essential Surf Gear

Your primary surf list should contain all the following: 

  • Primary surfboard
  • Backup surfboard (long or shortboard)
  • Surfboard bag

Evan Dorian, A San Clemente | Unsplash.com

Essential Surf Accessories

Secondary surfing list covers the smaller items that you can stash into your surf bag’s pockets or in a small backpack. 

  • Surf fins (primary set and two backup sets)
  • Surf leashes (an extra one for each board) 
  • Two rash guard and board shorts
  • Reef booties 
  • FCS1 Fins Keys and FCS1 Fins Screws 
  • Wax / Comb
  • Repair kit
  • Multitool and travel-size duct tape
  • Dry bag

Travel Essentials

Includes your traveling clothes which can be packed into a large sports or duffel bag / backpack 

    • Backpack and/or duffel bag
    • Clothing, underwear, socks and footwear
    • A Turkish towel. It does the work of both your beach and bath towel, dries quickly and isn’t bulky to pack. 
    • Sunglasses 
    • Vacuum tumbler
    • Socket adaptor and extra cables for your electronic devices (international adaptors if required)
    • Travel insurance (if you’re going abroad) 
    • Sunscreen 
    • Insect repellant
    • Medical Kit:
Your medical kit should include the following  
    • Complete surfer’s first aid kit 
    • Muscle relaxant or salve 
    • Over-The-Counter Medication (for upset stomach, muscle pains, fever and colds)
    • Headlamp flashlight
    • Local emergency numbers 
    • Extras (Nice-to-have - optional):
  • Surf helmet
  • Wetsuit
  • Waterproof watch
  • Surf Hat

Tyler Nix | Unsplash.com

Preparing before you travel can save you a lot of headaches later. So if you want to avoid begging for wax, spare surf fins or even FCS1 Fins screws because you forgot to pack them, get prepared now. If you don’t, your trip could go sour real quick. Make your list and get everything ready, so when the surf’s up, you’re ready to ride!


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