GOHARD Medium Thruster (Juego de 3) - Monsters (FCS1/Futures)

GOHARD Medium Thruster (Juego de 3) - Monsters (FCS1/Futures)

Futures - 3 Fins - Size: 4.2'' / 4.6'' / 4.8''
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Especificaciones y tamaños de 3DFINS a continuación.

Tamaño de surfistas
60 - 85kg (132-187lb)
4.37" / 110mm
4.55" / 115mm
Lámina Lámina interior plana
Mejor tabla Tablas cortas de alto rendimiento, Tablas divertidas, Tablas blandas, Tablas para escuela de surf, cualquier tabla
La mejor para las olas Ideal para olas pequeñas y medianas


Esta legendaria plantilla todoterreno que ha sido probada en todos los tamaños de Surf, desde los descansos en la playa promedio Pumping Pipeline y Maxing Teahupoo. Ni demasiado vertical ni demasiado inclinado, giros perfectos de radio estrecho y tallados extendidos. Los hoyuelos dan a las quillas un agarre adicional y se sueltan con ráfagas de velocidad en la línea.

Valor increíble, aleta súper resistente y de alto rendimiento. Con la innovación probada 3DFINS "Tecnología de hoyuelos" que le brinda "MÁS VELOCIDAD MÁS MANEJO".

- Nuestra tecnología de hoyuelos patentada, como en las pelotas de golf, ha demostrado reducir la resistencia hasta en un 15% al tiempo que proporciona el máximo control. 

- Nuestro empaque ecológico sostenible es 100% reciclable y está fabricado con baja producción de residuos.

Las pelotas de golf tienen hoyuelos por dos razones principales: las superficies con hoyuelos reducen la resistencia y mejoran la sustentación. Es por eso que 3DFINS desarrolló nuestra tecnología de hoyuelos patentada para todo tipo de las quillas de surf. Las quillas de surf 3DFINS reducen la resistencia, proporcionan el máximo control y estabilidad en los giros y, lo más importante, vas rápido. Desde tu primer montaje, definitivamente sentirás la diferencia. No dejes que tus quillas te detengan. ¡VAMOS FUERTE!

El paquete incluye:

  • GOHARD Medium Thruster (Juego de 3)
  • 1 x Llave 3DFINS
  • Tornillos (solo FCS): 2 tornillos por quillas
  • 1 x pegatina impresionante 3DFINS


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
High Quality, Awesome Design and Fast Delivery!

It was amazing to deliver such a short term, in spite of cross countries shipment(From Aus to Jap)! The team of 3DFINS are very polite response, and it makes me satisfied. As we know, the fins are awesome design, and more the fins can catch the water well. Totally I am very satisfied with all of them. I came to like 3DFINS more and more! :)

Mark Buckle
Fast delivery, great product

I’ve only tried them on backhand at URBNSURF. They went great on my beat up vessel dark horse. They held nicely on my bottom turns, would release when I wanted them to at the top. Can’t wait to pop them in my new board when it arrives.

Try them!!

I use these as a quad setup for a Pyzel Astro Pop. I also bought another set as a thruster for a HPSB. All I can say is that the speed and lift is really noticeable!! So ouch so that my wife can tell when I didn’t have these fins in, and she told me to go and buy more sets! LOL. These are awesome. Well balanced for carving and tight turns. They still slide, but only when I want them to. Totally worth it. Great job Mr. 3dFins 👏🏼

Ivan Sinel
Fins well arrived on french northwest coastline

The 5 fins Monsters arrived a few days ago.
Still not tested but they look great.
I'll test them on an 5.8 Cymantic or an 5.11 Omni.
I'm eager to test them.
I'll come back to write again when fins are tested.


Purchased a set of the new GOHARD Monster Thurster fins in FCS for my Softtop Mayhem Lost Fish and was really blown away with the fit and finish espically at such a great price! Obviously really like the look of the fins visually, but from a technical standpoint the design dimples are really amazing. Will definitely be looking at some Futures for my other performance normal poly boards next. Great job 3DFins!

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Surfboard fins feature the 3D Dimple Technology™: surface reduces drag and it improves lift. This scientific innovation allows surfers to ride with better control, and with MORE SPEED MORE DRIVE™.

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Less Drag & More Control

Featuring patented Dimple Technology that is proven to reduce drag by up to 15% while providing maximum stability and control, GOHARD series SURF fins are the fastest surfing fins available. They are suitable for all levels of surfers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All fins are delivered with our 100% eco-friendly packaging. Save the beach. Save the planet!