Lay-Buys Policy

3DFins offers a lay-buys service with a maximum of three weeks. A deposit must be a minimum of 20% of the total purchase values and a minimum lay-buys sale is $100.

Any items placed on lay-buys cannot be altered until the lay-buys have been paid in full.

There’s no interest or added fees and nothing to pay today. Payment will be automatically taken from your credit card in three equal payments each week over three weeks and you will receive your order immediately.

To use this service simply add your items to your shopping cart, and check out as normal with a valid minimum amounts of $100. On the checkout page select Lay-Buys as your payment method and enter your details with lay buys and you’re done.

Keeping track of payments

At any time you can request a written statement detailing the price, the amount you’ve paid, how much is owing, and any cancellation charge payable if you cancel by sending a request to Please allow us 5 business days to provide the statement.

Cancelling a lay-buys

The customer or the store has the right to cancel a lay-buy.

You can cancel a lay-buy at any time before you take possession of the goods and you don't have to give a reason.

The cancellation charge on a lay-buy is 20% of the total purchase price. If customer cancels the lay-buy within three weeks you have the right to have a refund of the payments made, less the cancellation charge. The cancellation charge is applied to compensate the 3DFINs storage, administration costs.

If 3DFINs cancel the agreement because the goods are no longer available and no satisfactory substitute is available. The cancellation charge won’t be applied. The customer will be given seven days notice and will be entitled to a full refund of all payments made.

Damaged goods

If the goods are damaged or faulty, 3DFINs will replace them, or give you a full refund. If you wished, you can ask for a discount.

Price changes

3DFINS do not increase the price of lay-buys goods. But if you have an item on lay-buys and that same item in the shop is reduced in price, you still have to pay the original price. This is because the lay-buys agreement is a contract that can't be altered unless both sides agree.

Trouble meeting payments

Customers will be contacted for all lay-buys that are not completed by the due date. If you're having trouble meeting payments, but want to continue your lay-buy agreement, send us email at