DRIVER - Snake Pit
DRIVER - Snake Pit

DRIVER - Snake Pit

Futures - 3 Fins - Size: 4.4''/4.6"/4.8"
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Size (Height)
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Size Medium / Large / Extra Large
Base Type Futures
Height 4.4” (112mm)  / 4.6” (117mm) / 4.8” (122mm)
Base 4.5” (114mm) / 4.6"(117mm)/ 4.7" (119mm)
Optimum weight ranges

Medium - 55 to 75 kg (121 - 165 lbs)

Large - 70 to 85 Kg (165 to 187 lbs)

Extra Large - 85+ Kg (187+ lbs)

55 to 75 kg (121 - 165 lbs)Foil Flat
ZGLASS Composite Construction Nylon/Glass fibre composite 
Foil Flat
Best Board High Performance Thrusters, Step Ups & Mid Length Boards
Best for Waves A wide range of conditions; from beach breaks to point breaks, average to high quality surf, this template won't let you down


The DRIVER has a streamline template with a wide base and high degree of rake, providing  exceptional hold off the bottom and when carving on the open face. Designed for powerful bottom turns, deep driving carves and down-the-line speed required for long point breaks or open faces. This high performance template is designed for power surfers, who life to push through turns and draw out their lines. 

  • Amazing value, Super tough, high performance fin. Featuring 3DFINS Proven Innovation Dimple Technology giving you “MORE SPEED MORE DRIVE”.
  • Our patented Dimple Technology, like on golf balls, has proven to reduce drag by up to 15% while providing maximum control.
  • Our Eco friendly sustainable packaging is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with low production waste.

Golf balls have dimples for two main reasons, a dimpled surfaces reduce drag and improves lift. That’s why 3DFINS developed our patented Dimple Technology for all types of surfboard fins. 3DFINS surfboard fins reduce drag, provides maximum control and stability in turns and most importantly, helps you keep your speed.  From your first ride, you’ll definitely feel the difference. Don’t let your fins hold you back.


Package includes:

  • 3x DRIVER fins
  • 1 x 3DFINS key
  • Screws
  • 1 x 3DFINS awesome sticker

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    Surfboard fins feature the 3D Dimple Technology™: surface reduces drag and it improves lift. This scientific innovation allows surfers to ride with better control, and with MORE SPEED MORE DRIVE™.

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    Less Drag & More Control

    Featuring patented Dimple Technology that is proven to reduce drag by up to 15% while providing maximum stability and control, GOHARD series SURF fins are the fastest surfing fins available. They are suitable for all levels of surfers.

    Eco-Friendly Packaging

    All fins are delivered with our 100% eco-friendly packaging. Save the beach. Save the planet!