MOONRAKERR XCS Lite Quad (Futures Base compat.)

Product Description


These Quads are super fun amazingly tough and versatile. Quads like flex and these have a super lively flex. Adding dimple technology to a quad set up adds even more drive, increases speed down the line and reducing tracking. A great value set of Quads for all levels of surfing.

Surfer Size: 60kg - 90kg

Aero composite construction: Nylon Glass fiber composite (Futures Base compatible)

Front Quads:
Base: 4.26" / 108mm Height: 4.22" / 107mm Area: 13.03/8405mm Sweep: 32.3 Foil: IFT

Rear Quads:                                                                                                                                 Base: 4.37" / 110mm Height: 4.55" / 115mm Area:14.76"/ 9525mm Sweep: 32.0 Foil: IFT

Best Board: High Performance short board, Fun Boards.

Best for Waves: Great for Small fast surf. 

$79.00 AUD
1 review
1 review