Josh Kerr Monkeyboy 6.0 (Med.)Thruster (FCS or Futures Base Compat.)

Product Description

Josh Kerr Monkeyboy 6.0 (Med.) Thruster.

This is one of the most popular templates ever made. With less rake, wide-base, this Dimpled template gives maximum drive, allowing for extreme turns at very high speeds. The upright rake creates a fin that pivots extremely well, Sharp bottoms to vertical launches are made easy when you ride this fin. Give this a go in beachies with grunt, some slabs or anything that needs quick direction changes.

3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.

Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction (FCS or Futures base compatible)

Surfer Size:60-85kg (132-187lb)

Side fins : Height: 4.56"(116.00mm)

Base: 4.34"(110.23mm)

Rake: 32 degrees

Center Fin:

Height: 4.40"(111.75mm)

Base: 4.29"(109mm)

Best Board: High Performance short board, Fun Boards, Step up.

Best for Waves: Great all rounder for Small, Medium and M Large surf. 


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    $130.00 AUD
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