Juicer 155 (6.25") Single Fin

Product Description

Juicer 155 (6.25") Single Fin

Juicer 155( 6 1/4") The Single fin Journey begins. This template has been proven over the ages, but with dimples it becomes brand new. The dialed-in foils with dimples on both faces allow for reduced drag down the line, incredible drive off the bottom and no dead spots so you have speed to burn off the top. Combined with the 4.0 sides this fin is perfect for your performance Board, Cruiser, SUP or Longboard.

Fits standard Single fin box

Size Surfer: All
Juicer Height: 155mm (6 1/4 inches)

Best Board: Single fin, Longboard, Cruiser or SUP

Best Waves: Great for Small, Medium surf.

$80.00 AUD