FREEDOM Medium Large Quads

Product Description

The FREEDOM Quads Front fins have a upright template allowing for sharp direction changes with the rear fins complementing the front with a more relaxed rake. The Dimples make these Quads unbelievably fast and responsive. The Front Quad fins have a nice stiff flex and the rear Quads slightly more flexible smoothing out the Quads and allowing to be pushed hard.

Front Side fins: Height: 4.56"(116.00mm) Base: 4.34" (110.23mm) Rake: 32 degrees

Rear Side fins: Height: 4.42" (112.27mm) Base: 4.29"(108.97mm) Rake: 32.4 degrees.

Best Board: Any Quad

Best Waves: Amazing all rounder can be ridden in small to very Large surf with plenty of hold and drive.

$169.00 AUD
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