3DFINS TEAM MEMBER: Lizzie Stokely


Lizzie Stokely is 17 years old, and lives on Bruny Island, Tasmania. It’s an island off the South East coast of Tasmania with a population of only 500 people and 1 local store, “it’s pretty isolated and COLD, cold, cold in winter, but in summer it’s just like paradise” says Lizzie.

Fifteen-year-old Lizzie Stokely won the prestigious Isabel Letham Award at this year's event for her "outstanding sportsmanship and international surfing potential".

The captain of the Tasmanian team who placed 4th overall in the under-18 national competition was born an bred on Bruny Island about 40 minutes and a ferry ride south of Hobart.

"To get that award, it's based on leadership, sportsmanship, your future potential, and how you performed at the competition," Lizzie said.

"So to be awarded that award was a massive honour and it helps a lot with sponsorship as well, because that's what people look for in surfers."

Lizzie hoped the award would help her to launch a professional career.

"My biggest challenge would have to be that, in Tasmania, there aren't as many competitions as on the mainland," she said.

What I ride

5.0 Josh Kerr Pink

6.0 Yellow