"Darkside" Carbon base 5.0 (Med.) Thruster (FCS or Futures Base Compat.)

Product Description

Josh Kerr 5.0 Wise Owl Carbon based

This medium sized template combined with Dimples and Carbon base makes this fin the ultimate high performance all-rounder:  The Carbon base adds strength and stiffness to lower end of the fins while allowing the upper 3rd of the fin to flex. This is high performance flex pattern that anyone can get the benefits from. Effective for all styles of surfing in just about any conditions. The Dimples improve the foils performance, Carbon base with the flat inner face allowing for more control at extreme speeds.

Artist Hans Bruechle designed graphics with 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.

Carbon Fiber base/Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction(FCS or Futures Base Compat.)

Surfer Size: 60 - 85kg (132-187lb)

Fin Height: 4.55"(115mm)

Base: 4.37" (110mm)

Rake: 32.8 degrees

Best Board: High Performance short board, Step up, Gun.

Best for Waves: Great all rounder for Small, Medium and Large surf. 


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$135.00 AUD
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3 reviews