"Darkside" Carbon base 7.0 (Lrg.) Thruster (FCS or Futures Base Compat.)

Product Description

Darkside Carbon based 7.0 YingYang Fish

The 7.0 template with carbon base is insane in long powerful walls or drawn out lines. Combined with 3DFINS Dimple technology, dialed in foils, extra rake, wide base smooth lines to the tip. Powerful bottom turns, precision cut backs and down-the-line speed required for long point breaks or open faces. Smaller rear fin allows for quick release off the top while not sacrificing hold. The Carbon base adds strength and stiffness to lower end of the fins while allowing the upper 3rd of the fin to flex. This is high performance flex pattern that anyone can get the benefits from. This fin setup is for anyone who likes to push hard on the tail and give it some rail. Artist Hans Bruechle designed graphics with 3DFINS unique embedded graphic takes Fin Art to the next level.

Carbon Fiber base/Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction. (FCS or Futures base compatible)

Surfer Size: 80kg up 

Side fins: Height: 4.75“ (121mm) Base: 4.68" (119mm)

Center Fin: Height: 4.49"(119mm) Base: 4.63" (117.06mm)

Best Board: High Performance short boards, Step up Boards.

Best for Waves: Great all rounder for Medium and M Large surf. 


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$135.00 AUD
4 reviews
4 reviews