Matt Hoy Signature fin Large Thruster

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Matt Hoy Signature fin Large Thruster

Matt Hoy Bells beach champion and Australian surfing legend.  

We all know Hoyo likes to push his fins hard and bury the rail, He wanted a fin stiff as but not dead. Our answer was layers of Fiberglass and Full carbon sheets, this has created a stiff fin but with slight flex not like a rock it has life. This combination of Hoyo's template and Carbon is insane in long powerful walls, gauging turns, Big hacks and drawn out lines. Combined with 3DFINS Dimple technology, dialed in foils, this fin is designed for those who like to push their fins as hard as they can without loosing hold.


Carbon Fiber base/Fibreglass Construction. 

Surfer Size: 75kg up 

Side fins: Height: 4.76“ (120.90mm) Base: 4.56" (115.82mm)

Center Fin: Height: 4.76"(120.90mm) Base: 4.63" (115.82mm)

Best Board: High Performance short boards, Step up Boards.

Best for Waves: Great all rounder for Medium and M Large surf. 


$145.00 AUD
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2 reviews