FASTLIGHT 6.0 (Med) Hexcore Thruster (FCS or Futures Base Compat.)

Product Description

6.0 FASTLIGHT Thruster

 The NEW 6.0 Thruster FASTLIGHT featuring Dimple Technology. Our new FASTLIGHT glass layup is Lighter with a smoother flex pattern. The up right template of the 6.0, Smooth Flex pattern combined with Dimples gives this super responsive template some anger management. Still ready for Hard powerful bottoms to vertical launches but allows for smoother transitions and more forgiving than a stiffer Carbon base.
Give this a go in beachies with grunt or walls that need quick thinking. 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art
to the next level.

Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction (FCS or Futures Base base compatible)

Surfer Size: 60-85kg (132-187lb)
Side fins: Height: 4.56"(116.00mm) Base: 4.34" (110.23mm) Rake: 32 degrees.
Center Fin: Height: 4.40"(111.75mm) Base:4.29"(109mm)

Best Board: High Performance short board, Fun Boards, Step up.

Best for Waves: Great all rounder for Small, Medium and M Large surf. 


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$119.00 AUD