NEW Freedom 4.5" Hexcore Single fin

Product Description

4.5" FREEDOM Single Fin

The NEW 4.5 Single FREEDOM  featuring Dimple Technology. Our new Fastlight glass layup is Lighter with a smoother flex pattern.This SMALL sized template has great curves and performance.
A lively flex combined with Dimples makes this fin a SUPER FUN

high performance Single fin. Perfect for combining with side bite. The Dimples improve the foils performance allowing for more control for a small fin maintaining A LOOSE FAST FEEL.

3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.

Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction

Size Surfer: All
Height: 114.3mm (4.5 inches)

Best Board: Modern Single Fin, Modern Longboard thruster, Small Performance SUP.

Best waves: Small to medium 

$80.00 AUD
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