NEW Large JAMIE O'BRIEN Sig.Series Thruster

Product Description

NEW Large Jamie O'Brien signature Thruster for the Bigger Guys. Featuring 3DFINS latest performance innovation Channel Tip Technology. MORE SPEED MORE HOLD. This is what the new 2 years of design testing in extreme waves by J.O.B.  This design has been modelled off J.O.B Volcom Pipe set. This is the cutting edge, inspired by the speed generated by Channels inside foil flow dynamics .

Channels reduce Fin Tip turbulence resulting in improved hold and increased speed . As J.O.B says" these fins are insane off the bottom and amazing in the tube"

New Large template that keeps things fast and loose but with extra hold when you critically need it.

J.O.B Sig. Large Thruster (set of 3)

Surfer size: 75kg -Up

Tip Channels:  3 

Fin Height: 4.65 (118.11mm)

Fin Base: 4.44" (112.77mm)



$139.99 AUD
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