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3DFINS signs Jamie O'Brien

3DFINS signs Jamie O'Brien

Jamie O'Brien continues his unpredictability with a recent signing with 3DFINS. 3DFINS is an Innovation based fin company from Australia featuring Golf ball Dimple technology(aka Josh Kerr sig. fins. A set of 3DFINS fell into Jamie’s hands 12 months ago. Jamie was intrigued and started to ride them in anything Hawaii could throw at him. Feeling something special Jamie was keen for more.

Jamie rode the Josh Kerr 5.0 at the infamous Teahupoo on fire stunt again testing the fins in extreme conditions. The resulting footage garnered attention worldwide and was covered extensively in the media.

Knowing Jamie was up for new idea’s 3DFINS sent Jamie a radical new Innovation Courtney Potter had been working on to compliment the Dimples. Little did we know he started testing them out at Pipe on some of the best days of the year.

2016 Volcom pipe pro was the final test, Jamie decided to ride the new design. What nobody realized is Jamie rode the secret fin design during the entire Pipe pro. In what can only be described as ground breaking he rode the radical new design by 3DFINS to second place at the 2016 Volcom pro.

Jamie decided he wanted the new innovation(yet to be announced) on his signature fin and the deal was done. Jamie O’Briens Signs with the 3DFINS and his signature fin will be the most innovative fin ever released.